First E-Newsletter We now have the "ECOCERT" to certify our products as organic.

Welcome to PlantbiotiX

PlantbiotiX is a Bio Agri business division of Zytex, a pioneer in bio technology and with over a decade of experience in fermentation enzymes and strain selection. Its expertise in fermentation has played a significant role in various industries like textile, food, cosmetic, neutraceuticals and many more.

At PlantbiotiX we believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life processes and hence, PlantbiotiX can be conveniently bifurcated into two key terms, ‘Pro-biotic for Plants’. Just as Pro-biotics are microorganisms being used for health benefits in human beings, PlantbiotiX product will play the similar kind role in plant metabolism. These biological products are effective, eco-friendly, cost-effective for the farmers. PlantbiotiX is committed to be the agricultural input industries preferred provider of Microbial based crop protection inputs, growth enhancement and soil health improvement products. Plantbiotix core philosophy remains the same as its group “Better Technology Better World” and creating a sustainable agriculture.

Microbes helps plants in improving absorption of essential crop nutrients; it also enhances plant’s resistance power against harmful diseases .The consistent use of PlantbiotiX’s biological products would results in improving soil health and broad spectrum disease protection in all of the major crops. PlantbiotiX with its array of superior quality products offers biological solutions for sustainable agriculture. It supports plant health by improving availability of crop nutrients, enhancing plant root growth and neutralising toxic compounds in soil, help plants in improving resistance against diseases, deterring pathogens and mitigates abiotic stress in totality assist in cultivating crops in a more sustainable way

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we have taken initiative to change all lights at Corporate Office, Mumbai and the street lights at the Baroda plant to LED.