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PlantbiotiX is a division of Zytex which is an established Indian biotech company with world- wide client engagement. Set up in 1996, the company's first foray was into producing enzymes for the textile industry. Over the last two decades, the company has emerged at the leading edge of biotechnical industry in the country. Some of the global partners are Bozzetto Group, Unilever, Meiji, Lallemand etc.

A relentless quest for newer applications for its products and research into broadening industry profiles that can benefit from the advancements in biotechnology, has put Zytex's R&D and application support lab on the world map. Zytex run the global enzyme analytical lab for Unilever supporting more than 70 factories. Zytex has been recognized by the Indian Government and is also certified by DSIR.. The manufacturing units of Zytex are located in Baroda and Silvassa. Zytex is certified with ISO 9000, FAMI-QS, and ISO 22000, catering overseas as well as the domestic market. It is a leading manufacturer of bacillus in India and is soon going to flourish as a global player. Zytex products are used in the Textile, Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Wine and Agriculture.

The main aim of PlantibiotiX is to provide agri-inputs for developing plant growth, crop protection, and soil health for sustainable agriculture. The products manufactured by PlantibiotiX helps to support the health of the plants by enhancing plant growth, developing crop nutrients, and neutralizing the toxic elements in the soil. It also helps to improve the resistance against the diseases, reduces abiotic stress, and prevents pathogens from affecting the crop. PlantibiotiX has experienced R&D staffs that are well versed in the fundamentals of biotechnology. The laboratory is well equipped for the identification and selection of microbial strain.
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