Building on biological based innovation, our manufacturing facilities are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and testing equipment to produce quality products. It is well-equipped with Industrial Fermenters, Concentrators, Spray Dryers and sophisticated process control equipment.

The facility have all compliant and has been designed to meet the statutory requirements at all stages of the development process. It offers fermentation based on high potent microbial mass scale production. The main technologies adopted include Bacillus fermentation for spore production and extracellular metabolites extractions. During the process, microbial growth kinetics and homogeneity of the culture is continuously monitored. Temperature, pH, agitation, pressure and turbidity are also monitored throughout the process of fermentation. Using suitable analytical methods, any accumulation of product or impurities is also monitored during the process.

After meeting a pre-specified criteria including physical, microbial and product accumulation endpoints, the culture is harvested to separate the biomass or broth. From the fermentation broth or the biomass, the native or recombinant proteins are recovered. Yields are optimised through both upstream and downstream process development.
Manufacturing Facility
Zytex facility is certified with ISO 9000, FAMI-QS, and ISO 22000, catering overseas as well as the domestic market. The facility accommodates custom designed fermentation and harvesting. We have manufacturing clean rooms that have been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of fermentation.

Each fermentation and harvesting room are installed with biohazard cabinets. The suites are equipped with a range of pilot and large scale fermenters for both batch and continuous operations. The suites are additionally installed with temperature-controlled stirred processing vessels, fully automated separation system and spray drying.

The manufacturing area is air controlled and provided with 100% HEPA filtered single pass air by a HVAC system. The setting prevents cross contamination, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of the personnel. Quality formulations and assurance form the main forte of PlantbiotiX products. We are constantly striving for new ways to improve our products and services. Our products have been commercialized in the USA, Europe and Asia.
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