PB Kit Special
PB Kit Special
PB Kit Special
PB Kits
PB Kit Special
PB Kit Special
Products included:
Key Features
  • Stimulates white roots development leads to optimum nutrition uptake.
  • Maximizes tillering and biomass of crops.
  • Improves plant metabolism for healthy growth.
  • Increases crops resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Increases the crop yield and their quality.
Application Details:
Crop Name Crop Stage
Sugarcane Vegetative Growth Stage 30, 60, 90 DAP
Paddy/Wheat/Maize Tillering Stage 15-25 DAT/DAS
Maize Tillering Stage 15-25 DAT/DAS
Wheat Tillering Stage 15-25 DAT/DAS
Onion Vegetative Growth Stage 25-30 DAP
Dosage - 1 Kit per acre
Application Method - Soil application, Drip & Drenching Application
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