Key Component:
A formulation containing Rhizobium Bacteria
Application Dose and Methods:
Application Dose Application methods Available SKU
1-2 kg/acre Soil application 500 gm, 1kg
1-2 kg/acre Drip/Drenching application
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Case Studies
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Xplorer Glory + P'rise + Cropmate Improves Soybean root growth and healthy plant
ZoomGro + Cropmate Improves chilly growth & root development
Rubitrol + Cropmate Improves Soybean germination and early growth
Rubitrol + Cropmate Improves Soybean growth & health
CropMate improves establishment & growth
CropMate Promotes Brinjal Plant Growth
CropMate Promotes Banana Plant Growth
CropMate improves nursery Plant growth
CropMate Improves crop Productivity
CropMate increases crop Productivity
CropMate increases Seed Germination & Growth
CropMate improves Plant branching
CropMate Promotes Cotton Plant Growth
CropMate Promotes Cotton Plant Growth
CropMate Improved Stress resistance
CropMate increases Cucumber Crop Productivity
CropMate increases Crop Productivity
CropMate increases Crop Productivity
Cropmate and P'rise Case study on Banana crop growth
Cropmate and P'rise improve Brinjal Crop growth
Happy farmer's Showing the Product Performance
Rubitrol and Cropmate Case study on Brinjal Crop Disease prevention and Growth ehancement
Rubitrol and Cropmate control Gram wilt disease and improve growth
Rubitrol and Cropmate control Pepper root rot disease
Rubitrol and cropmate Improve Garlic plant growth and prevent from various Soil and foliar diseases
Rubitrol ZoomGro and Cropmate improve Pepper lungham growth and Productivity
CropMate users
CropMate, P'rise, Rubitrol, Movi'K users
Grapes Farmer's Video Testimonials
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Trial Reports from Govt. Institutes
CROPMATE (PGPR) Improves Soybean nodulation, Growth and Yield Report from Indian Institute of Soybean Research, Indore, MP, India- Kharif 2015 & 2016 (Ist & IInd season)
Pdf Report from IISR- Kharif 2015
(Ist season)
Pdf Report from IISR- Kharif 2016
(IInd season)
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